Michele Obama’s stylist should be shot.  If the stylist chose this abomination for Michele, then, first, she or he should be drawn and quartered, and, after that, each individual part should be shot several times.

If, on the other hand, Michele actually chose this ghastly dress, someone should tell her that she is not a Park Ave. trust fund teenager, and has no business wearing a mini skirt with a bulls-eye on her crotch (has anyone else noticed that she favors “crotch-focal” gowns?)

Why do the Obamas think that Michele should dress like a tart?

Or, is it that Michele does want to make other countries believe that our country has no sense of style, or that she wants to provide further negative attitude toward her husband (surely, he doesn’t approve of these whore-ish, tarty gowns his wife is wearing???  If he does, why , as women, do we want him leading our country?  Does he want his wife viewed as negatively as the tarts who come out of Eastern Europe?  Or is he trying to compete with that image?)

Somebody, please, show Michele how to dress like a First Lady, as opposed to a First Paid Bimbo.


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